Portishead – Dummy


Another incredible debut album, and again a 90’s special! This is an album I turn to when insomnia kicks in, pitch black, headphones in and ready for the haunting vocals, hip hop scratching and wonderful, soulful bass.

Every time I comprise a playlist of my favourite tracks, Roads ALWAYS makes an appearance..a song I rate one of my favourite of all time.  


Although not as well known as Massive Attack, Portishead’s Dummy is certainly up there with the best of the offerings to come out of the Bristol Trip Hop scene. I missed out on buying a copy of this album on vinyl when I was in Berlin and was kicking myself for a long time after, then I had the chance again to buy it whilst in Bristol and I wasn’t going to let that moment pass again!



I go for weeks, sometimes even months without listening to Dummy, but then I put it on and as always has the same spine tingling effect as the beat kicks in and Beth Gibbons croons in a way only she can.