“It begins, as most things begin, with a song.”


 This book was recommended to me a while ago, but I hadn’t gotten around to reading it..aside from the fact I didn’t actually own a copy until this week when I obtained a copy from a charity shop for one pound.
I’m also ashamed to add, that I’ve not read a great deal of Gaiman’s books even though I really enjoyed Neverwhere.

Anansi is a character part of West African and Caribbean folklore who takes the shape of the spider and is the king of stories, a bit of a joker and trickster. This all becomes evident throughout the book, and leads to many comical moments.

“Are you the one with the lime?”

The book follows Fat Charlie Nancy (he’s not actually fat) who travels back to Florida from the UK after finding out his father had died on a karaoke stage, only to be informed that his father was indeed a God, Anansi. It also turns out that Charlie has a brother called Spider who he had no idea existed. When the opportunity for Spider to enter Charlie’s life to make up for lost time occurs, it does not go quite to plan…
Charlie’s mundane life is flipped upside-down, and the chaos that Spider brings with his charm, magic and irresponsibility is a total game changer.

Based on myth this bizarre story is straightforward to follow, and is quite different from anything I’ve read before. But not in a bad way!
I found Anansi Boys falls short of Neverhwere, however I’m annoyed I put off reading this book for so long as it was a fun, entertaining, easy to read and full of shenanigans.