Rage Against the Machine


I cant remember the exact date I first heard Rage Against the Machine but I remember the impact it had on me from the very start. At the time I had little understanding of the political underpinning of their music, all that mattered to me was that this music was completely different to anything I had ever heard previously. Tom Morello’s guitar was producing sounds I didn’t know was possible, Brad Wilk was hitting the drums harder than anyone I’d heard since John Bonham, Zack de la Rocha’s screams and lyrics thrown out at a 100mph, and in the background the unmistakable sound of Tim Commerford’s bass

This album was a dream come true for me, a lover of metal and hiphop..brought together with added funk that sublimely forces the listener to tap their feet. There is a certain energy that comes from listening to this album, the build up to Bombtrack, then all of a sudden “UGH!’ and everything kicks off…and this pretty much sets the marker for the rest of the album.

On listening to this album it reminds me of driving around with a car full of friends singing to ‘Bullet In The Head’ at volume till our voices were lost.
Rage was another band I was able to see live when they headlined at Download Festival in 2010 and they blew me away. There was no fancy light show, lasers or pyrotechnics, just backdrop of a red star and the band giving it everything they had in front of around 80,000 people.